Earn To Die 4 – Drive For Your Life

How far can you drive with limited fuel, basic tires, old and torn vehicle and no bullets in the gun mounted on the vehicle? Well, if you are talented and you have played the earlier versions of the game Earn to Die, you would definitely feel very comfortable playing the Earn to Die 4.

The game is all about earntodie 2 survival, you have limited resources and you have to use your brain wisely to reach the evacuation point. With no money in your pocket and no help, the only way you can escape the fierce zombie attack is to kill them all and run from the desert as fast as you can. However, the problem is that you can only use a small junk car to run away and the story gets even worse when you run out of fuel after riding it for a small time. However, the good news is that you earn some money for the total distance you cover with the limited fuel.

You can use this money to buy more fuel, change the tires and put on some bigger and better tires, upgrade the transmission system, upgrade the engine, buy some boost fuel or put a ground control gun on your vehicle. The choices you make while using the money will determine your future. Play http://www.y8.com/tags/zombies and enjoy !


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Unfair Mario Version 2

The sequel of the first version is said to be better than the first one. As compared to the first unfair mario one Unfair Mario 2 is so unfair, but it makes the game more interesting. The players die all the time, which makes them very angry and frustrated. The funny thing is that they dont give up. Despite its unfairness it still gives you an exciting time. This makes the game one of the most addictive online flash games. The second version includes the same theme as the other Mario games. The only difference is that it has more traps and tricks as compared to the first version. Just the same you need to avoid the traps to access the final flag.

As you try to complete one level, you will be poked, pushed and pulled to death. You need to have the courage to complete the tasks. You need to avoid the traps, jump out of it or jump over them.

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Fantasy football

Thanks for a great year and congrats to all of you who won your leagues. wimbledon live streaming free From all of the emails we have receieved, it sounds like many of you had very successful seasons.french open live streaming ¬†And, of course, congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers for an amazing run to the finish. We will be back next year with our trusty projections and analysis…In the mean time, good luck in all your ventures and we will see you back next year!

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