Introduction of Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator is an upcoming video game and it is developed by Alex. The game centers on download yandere simulator a school gel that wants to eliminate all the people who are gaining attention of her crush. Some initial stages of the game have been released to the public but the whole game is yet to release. The game will be available on the windows platform by the end of this year. No information has been released regarding the minimum requirements that you will need to run the game.

The developer has been working on the idea of the game from the past three years and he unveiled the game to the public last year. You can use different techniques to kill the enemies in the game and as you progress in the game, it is more difficult to kill the enemies. This game is categorized in the action adventure genre and if you love the simulation games, then you will surely love this game.

How to install the Bus Simulator Game in PC?

The installation of Bus Simulator game on your personal computer is not a difficult task, but you need to connect your computer with the internet. You can also bus simulator 2015 install the game through DVD. During the process of installation, you have to add the product code. This product code is available on the internet or at the back side of your DVD cover. Make sure that the code you enter must be valid.

After entering the DVD into the computer, you will get the pop up window on the screen. This will be the WIZARD that allow you to install the game with the help of a few clicks. If the window don’t start immediately after entering the DVD, then you should go to the MY COMPUTER and click on the disk. It will help you to install the setup.exe.

Duck Life Play Online How to play

You have to make your duckling capable of running, flying, swimming and strong enough to endure the difficulties. Playing this game is simple; you just have to use the up arrow button to duck life 5 jump, to take a dive you have to use the down arrow button, and the left and right arrows have to be used for changing directions.

While you play you have to you have to constantly train your duckling and up its skills. The energy levels of your duckling will ensure higher endurance levels and will support it in winning races. In fact it is a significant part of training and with high levels of endurance your duckling will go on till the end and will not pass out right in the middle of a race.

At present there are 7 versions of this game, one more difficult than the other. If you want to check out all the steps in detail you can easily find instruction videos on line and enjoy playing this fun game.

Troll face quest 4

With the increase play troll face quest in the popularity of the troll face quest game developers are making more and more efforts to introduce their further versions. The troll face quest 4 is an extension of previous versions of troll face game.

The strategy of assessing the situation and then clicking is the same for troll face quest 4 like that of previous versions of troll face quest game. The graphic quality is also improved in the troll face quest 4.

The point and click strategy of troll face quest game takes its players to the Olympics.

The place that is set in the troll face quest 4 is Sochi. And the different thing that is present in troll face quest 4 versions is the winter season.

So this game is more adventurous for those who love to have winter season. The players can entertain their self's according to the winter mode of this version of troll face quest game. On the internet there is also availability of the walkthrough videos of this version of troll face quest game. The availability of the walkthrough videos make the people to have more fun.

Vex Games – For Players Of All Age Group

As long as you know how to hit those arrow keys on your keyboard, you can play any Vex game available for free on the net. It is because of the additive nature of these games, that all the vex games are extremely popular among children and adults. Ever since the first version of the game was released a few years back, 4 new versions have been released by the developers in the vex 3 game market and all of them got the same acceptance and appreciation from the gaming geeks.

If you like playing action-packed adventure style games, you need to try all the four versions of the game. There is something new for you in each version of the game and every new version of the game tests your survivability skills at every stage. You use the same controls in all the four versions of the game which are the four arrow keys or WASD.

Learn To Fly 3 – What To Expect

Looks like the little penguin is back in action in sequel number 3 learn to fly 2 of the extremely addictive launcher game Learn to Fly. This time, he is aiming for the stars and the challenges are even harder. However, the good news is that there are many more advanced and better upgrades that the penguin can purchase and make the mission easy.

The Mission
The mission remains the same, which is to prove the world wrong and show them that penguins can fly. The third sequel of the game is different than the earlier ones in the sense that the penguin will try to fly vertically. Those who find it hard to help the penguin fly vertically can play the game in the Classic mode and enjoy helping the penguin fly horizontally. There are more and better upgrades that the penguin can aim for and use to reach the starts. Some of these gadgets and upgrades are pretty cool and handy, like the space suit, the rockets, and boosts.

The Controls
The controls of the game remain the same, two arrow keys are used to glide the penguin left or right and the spacebar key is used to use the boost.

Gunblood 2 – Master Your Gun Shooting Skills

Gunblood 2 is a sequel of the notorious Gunblood game that has made quite a lot of play gunblood game buzz in the online gaming world ever since it first appeared in the market. It takes your gun shooting skills to the next level and puts your reflexes to test.

Gunblood 2 tests your ability to quickly and accurately move and click your computer mouse. If you think you have become an expert in using your computer mouse, you need to play this game in order to verify your skills. You use your computer mouse to play this game, you use the left mouse key to shoot and the mouse cursor to put your hand on the barrel and take aim once the countdown reaches “Fire”. As soon as you see “Fire” on the screen, just blast your six-shooter at your computer opponent and try to kill him/her before he gets a chance to even fire a single shot.

A one-second delay in taking your hands off the barrel and shooting can result in your defeat and you will have to play the round again. However, if your aim is good and your response time is fast, you can clear all the rounds with a good score and become the top scorer of the game.

Earn To Die 4 – Drive For Your Life

How far can you drive with limited fuel, basic tires, old and torn vehicle and no bullets in the gun mounted on the vehicle? Well, if you are talented and you have played the earlier versions of the game Earn to Die, you would definitely feel very comfortable playing the Earn to Die 4.

The game is all about earntodie 2 survival, you have limited resources and you have to use your brain wisely to reach the evacuation point. With no money in your pocket and no help, the only way you can escape the fierce zombie attack is to kill them all and run from the desert as fast as you can. However, the problem is that you can only use a small junk car to run away and the story gets even worse when you run out of fuel after riding it for a small time. However, the good news is that you earn some money for the total distance you cover with the limited fuel.

You can use this money to buy more fuel, change the tires and put on some bigger and better tires, upgrade the transmission system, upgrade the engine, buy some boost fuel or put a ground control gun on your vehicle. The choices you make while using the money will determine your future. Play and enjoy !


Unfair Mario Version 2

The sequel of the first version is said to be better than the first one. As compared to the first unfair mario one Unfair Mario 2 is so unfair, but it makes the game more interesting. The players die all the time, which makes them very angry and frustrated. The funny thing is that they dont give up. Despite its unfairness it still gives you an exciting time. This makes the game one of the most addictive online flash games. The second version includes the same theme as the other Mario games. The only difference is that it has more traps and tricks as compared to the first version. Just the same you need to avoid the traps to access the final flag.

As you try to complete one level, you will be poked, pushed and pulled to death. You need to have the courage to complete the tasks. You need to avoid the traps, jump out of it or jump over them.