How To Shoot a Curve Ball Free Kick

Hello all,

here is a small explanation on how to shoot a curve ball in free kick. The boot really doesn’t matter here  and the ball doesn’t matter too.Players play with different balls in different competitions.They switch a lot but most of the it’s an adidas ball because it matches with the boot well.To shoot we have to take a run-up of three to four steps,not much more than that There is no need of long run-up. It will be more in technique than power.To curve the ball the run-up should  be at 45 degree or maybe even less.You should use the inside of the boot i.e.,middle of the inside.Don’t touch it too far from back or front,hit the ball quite low,not in the middle but more at outside.If you are a righty  it’s good to hit at the bottom right outside,then it will create a good curve for the ball to spin to the goal.First of all you have to place the ball on a plane surface.

practise it have fun.enjoy it.

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